Safer at Home Scavenger Hunt 

Collect all the items, take a picture with them (with you in the photo if possible) and send the photo to

The First 5 people to send their photo wins a pizza(s) delivered to your house from Pastor Wayne and Jamie

1. Cup

2. Roll of Toilet Paper 

3. Pillow 

4. Fork 

5. Ice Cube 

6. John 3:16 written out 

7. A pencil 

8. Sock 

9. Drawing of you or your family 

      (including pets) 

10. A towel 

11. Shoe 

12. Some Dirt or Sand 

13. Phone or tablet 

14. Pot or Pan 

15. Strand of Hair 

16. A comb or brush 

17. Scissors 

18. A Book 

19. Chair 

20. Something made before 2015